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The Joy of Camping

If you’ve never been camping, you’re missing out on an amazing self-care experience. In your ignorance, the first things you think of are the bugs and the inconveniences and how you’re going to pack all your luxuries into a small enough bag to fit in your car.

But when I think of camping I think of a peaceful and exploratory road trip. I relish every opportunity to get out of the city to experience a slower pace of life. The journey to my campsite is usually about 2+ hours and involves a windy road that leads me to the middle of nowhere. Sure, manicured campsites are great, but I look for the rustic places.

Camping for me is a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. I’m okay even if I don’t have a signal on my phone as long as I can use GPS to find my way there and back, I’m good. I try to set up my campsite as quickly and efficiently as possible so I can enjoy the sights.

My absolute favorite thing to do is watch the sunset, with some tunes and a drink in my hand. If you were spying on me, you would see me dancing or hear me singing with the biggest smile or look of contentment on my face. It is amazing to witness such beauty!

Nature is the perfect setting for working through inner conflict because it forces you to get in your head and do a little self reflection. I often release stress and negative emotions right there in nature and take back clarity, joy, hope, love, peace, comfort and so much more.

Want to learn who you really are, go camping? It brings out the best in you. You learn self-reliance, problem solving, patience, flexibility and gratitude.

The drive back to the city can be melancholic knowing that one must return to the grind; city; hustle and bustle; noise; sirens; pollution; work challenges; difficult people; the mundane. But you have something that can’t be taken away: a memory; a beautiful spiritual experience that you can return to in your mind and in your heart. Nature is patiently awaiting your next visit. She is looking forward to caring for you once again.

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