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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Doom and gloom now trending

Horrific statistics disclosing

Panic spreading

Toilet paper dwindling

Redo Restart Refresh

Business closings

Take out only

Keep your distance

Here’s the line

Redo Restart Refresh

Enough is enough

Turning off the TV

Unplugging from social media

Changing my perspective

Redo Restart Refresh

Going for a walk

A spiritual retreat

Getting grounded

Tapping into my Center

Redo Restart Refresh

Arms outstretched

A quiescent sanctuary

Tears released

Lotus Pose

Prayerful hands

Redo Restart Refresh

Opened eyes

Focus and vision anew

Fortitude from the ancestors

Grit from predecessors

And Peace from God

Redo Restart Refresh

A gust of wind

A brilliant life-giving sun

Dads jogging with children

Family time reinvented

Feeling Grateful

Redo Restart Refresh

Shedding American arrogance

Connecting with humanity

Virtual embraces

And moments of silence

Sending empathy

Care and love

Redo Restart Refresh

Intentional steps Forward

One day at a Time

Back to the basics

Connecting to my spirit

Solidarity with my community

Gratitude overwhelms me

Redo Restart Refresh


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