Helping You Move Forward

Being a life coach doesn’t mean I have life all figured out. I’m not an expert on how to live life. I’m on my own journey just like you. I am the contentment coach because I choose to be happy no matter what life brings.


Someone dear to my heart once said, “ I’m worried that you are waiting for all these different dreams to happen before you experience happiness. I don’t think you realize how much  you say, “I’ll be happy when…”


That hit me hard. It was true. I wasn’t allowing myself to truly be happy. I was waiting for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together just as I designed. But one thing I know about life is that I am not fully in control of what happens. What I am in control of, however, is how I choose to proceed when life throws a swamp right in my path.


I have given the media and society power over my life. I’ve allowed them to convince me that if I don’t have the possessions or status at the age that they say I should have them, that my life is empty. I have allowed them to convince me that I don’t have what I need in life and that I am not enough.


This mindset is self-sabotaging  and I can see where it has invaded my thinking. I have decided to lower the volume on that mindset. That doesn’t mean I never listen to it and give it power, but those days are less frequent now.  I have adopted a mindset of gratitude. This has literally changed my life and given me the clarity to see my life for what it truly is: an amazing gift.

What I struggle with is a human condition and it affects us all.  I have chosen to expose it and not put on a facade for others. My truth is that I sometimes get boggled down by what I don’t have or feel I like I should have. My other truth is that I am grateful for the people who are in my life and the gift that my life is and the joy it brings to me and others.

I am the kind of life coach that I would want to have. And I can be yours too, if you identified with any of the words on this page.