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Meditative Hikes 

Restorative and meditative hikes at Kenneth Hahn Park with The Contentment Coach will be back soon! Stay tuned for more details. 

A meditative hike is not a fitness hike in the sense that you're trying to go at a certain pace and arrive at a particular endpoint. The pace is steady yet slower than a fitness hike. It is a hike where you are tuned in to the environment around you and experience it through your senses. It is about being reflective while at the same time letting go. You might want to stop and walk over to a tree and touch it or walk barefoot on the ground. A meditative hike is about cultivating a relationship with the land, listening to her narratives and wisdom. It is about being grateful to have the ability to be mobile. It is a breath of fresh air. 

Park anywhere and meet me at the Japanese Garden. Be prepared to pay for parking. I'd suggest bringing $10. I'm not sure when parking fees are enforced. We will leave promptly at 9:15am. 

More information on Eventbrite  and Meetup

The Contentment Coach is intentional about guests having a warm personal encounter and for this reason, there will only ever be 5-10 attendees at all events.